Here are the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions to which there is no answer here, feel free to call us to 00421 948 18 38 18 or write to havefun@havefun.sk. We will be glad to answer you on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


How long in advance must the corporate event be ordered?

The sooner you order the better. Ideal is to order a small event with 1-2 activities 3 weeks in advance, complex event 3 or more months in advance. We also organize ad-hoc events from day to day and if you are in such situation, feel free to contact us, but there is a risk that the selected activity, instructors or facility is already booked for other event or not available. If activities are ordered in advance for specific dates you can be confident that they will be arranged.


What you need to know to prepare bids for our event?

Preparation of an offer requires the following basic information:

  • Type of event (sport teambuilding, corporate party, conference…)
  • Goal of the event (fun, adrenaline, teamwork, relaxation…)
  • Date (or even an alternative date)
  • The number and composition of participants (male to female ratio, average age…)
  • Location (or requirements for the location selection)
  • Budget (and internal division of the budget into accommodation, activities, catering)
  • Requirements for the program (separate activities, theme activities, competition)
  • The complexity of our service (would you like us to organize the whole event or just a part of it, for example sport program)


How long does it take to make an event offer?

It is individual – from few minutes to several dates. Choose from our offer, select the activities and services you like, give us your requirements. For more complex queries and large corporate events the offer preparation can take several days. Your inquiry is important to us and therefore we do our best to send you an offer as soon as possible.


Do we need to pay deposit to reserve the event?

Usually we do not require advance payment and you pay after the event when we send you invoice. However, we require deposit of 50% of the event in case the order is more than € 1000 excluding VAT, if we have more queries for the same term or if there is accommodation included. The deposit is subject to individual agreement and it guarantees definitive realization of your event.


Where do you do sports corporate events?

Anywhere. We have a professional outdoor event area in Bernolakovo with certified archery range for bows and crossbows, 3D archery range and a professional paintball field, all of these in prestigious golf area. But we are ready to take our activities anywhere you like.


Can we arrange a visit of the site before the event?

Yes. If you are interested, just let us know and we will enable you the visit.


Are you doing a full-service organization of corporate events?

Yes, we provide full service corporate events according to the client’s requirements. We organize events from simple events with one sport activity to multiple day teambuilding with many different activities. We provide accommodation and conference facilities, catering, cultural program, presenters, hostesses, sound, lighting and decoration and many other requirements for a specific event.


What if there is a bad weather on the day of an event?

We understand how it feels to organize the whole event which ends due to change of weather. And we are ready for it. We cannot change the weather yet, but we can provide a “dry version” of your event which we can include into our offer. We have many activities and programs which can be realized inside or under the shelter. We can also adapt the choice of venue to this requirement.


Are your activities dangerous?

No, if our safety rules are observed. Each activity has its own attraction safety rules and participants are informed about them prior to beginning with the activity. The observance of these rules is overseen by our experienced instructors. They care about fun and safety of all participants and we also require this from our suppliers. We had no serious injury for years.


Can alcohol be served at event where there are attractions like bows, crossbows or firearms?

Rather not. The fact is that alcohol commonly occurs at company events. But no alcohol shall be consumed before shooting a crossbow, paintball and airsoft weapons, real weapons at the shooting range and so on. Participants who are under light influence of alcohol can shoot sport bows and historical bows, but the consideration is up to our instructor. If somebody is obviously influenced by alcohol, he can become dangerous with any weapon and therefore our instructor does not allow such person to shoot. We therefore recommend to minimize drinking before shooting these weapons.


Are your activities suitable for children?

Yes, many our activities are for participants of all ages. We have many activities suitable for children (archery, air rifle, gladiators, bungee running and many others). We are also working with partners specialized in children’s attractions such as bouncy castles, slides and so on. However, we also have activities that are inappropriate for children under 15 years (paintball, shooting crossbow, bow roller and others). If you expect younger participants, we will discuss the appropriate attractions.


What is the maximum number of people at your events?

Number of people is not limited; we have experience in organizing events from 8 to 500 people. For larger events we work together with our partners so everybody is doing what he does best. This way we guarantee a high quality of the event.


How long does a sport program last at corporate events?

Duration of the program depends on client requirements. Duration of event varies from two hours to two days of teambuilding activities.


Do you provide activities that are not listed on the website?

Of course, most of the activities on our website are done in-house and there are also some interesting partnership activities. But we can provide any other extreme, winter, summer, water, cultural and competitive activities. We work with a number of event and production companies who are really good in what they do. We also focus on what we are best in and for other activities we call professionals so you have the best of your event.


Do you also provide separate accommodation without the sport program?

Yes, we can arrange separate accommodation with conference rooms to meet your requirements.


Do your activities include instructors/assistants?

Yes, each of our activities has at least one instructor/assistant. He/she takes care about explaining the rules and basic techniques, security and fun of participants, evaluating them and writing down scores of participants. Each instructor has undergone a special training and operates only the activities he/she has experience with. We have a team of qualified instructors and you can rely on them.


Can we borrow your attractions without instructors?

No. Each attraction has to be under supervision of our instructor. It is an integrated product which cannot be separated.


Are there any restrictions for your sporting events?

Usually not, but if your participants have special needs (elderly, small children, people on wheelchairs and people with special care), please consult with us recommended activities. Some activities are physically demanding (compound, disc throw, bungee running), other require a specific location (zorbing, paintball), and some require longer walk in woods (3D archery).


Do you organize events for foreign clients?

Of course yes, with great pleasure. Some of our activities are unique for foreigners and they haven’t tried them in their countries. Many of our instructors speak English and german so the event is the same as with Slovak participants. It is the same with moderator and subcontractors. We can make you an offer in English and communicate with you in English.


Do you organize events outside of Slovakia?

Yes. However, this should be consulted individually because each country has different laws and restrictions particularly in shooting activities. One activity can be allowed in Slovakia but not allowed in Austria.




What kind of payment do you accept?


You can pay by online money transfer or we can agree on cash payment at the place on the day of the event.