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DURATION: 3 - 8 hours
ADDITIONAL INFO: No rain or strong wind.

Archery is a wonderful sport of precision, focus and relaxation and is very close to our hearts. Whether you see a bow for the first time or you are an active archer, for each of you we offer absolutely the best experience of archery in Slovakia.

We will organize archery outside or inside, you will have a complete archery equipment, the instructor will teach you basic archery techniques and you will be shooting under is supervision.

We are the best provider of archery in Slovakia because:

If you care about the quality of services for your event, you are in the right place. Archery is very popular activity at corporate events and you do not only have a good time but you also get a good feeling of learning something new.

Who can shoot

Anyone who can stretch the bow, concentrate and follow the instructions of the instructor. We always bring 5 – 8 kinds of bows to events so the participants have the bow which suits the best to their height, strength and weight; bows for right or left handed…

Where can you shoot

You can visit our certified bow and crossbow shooting range in Bernolákovo or we will organize archery anywhere you like, both indoor and outdoor. Some places might need our inspection prior to event for safety issues.

How we do it

Instructor gives a general briefing to a group of participants and then goes on an individual approach to each shooter. He goes to targets after shooting a set of arrows, takes arrows and can evaluate shots.

After the initial group and individual training of participants we can organize a team or individual competition. Two or three participants may continue to shoot under supervision of one instructor. They can try other types of bows (sport, traditional) or they can learn another technique of shooting a bow.

Price depends on number of instructors and duration of the activity. Let us know the number of participants, date of your event and we will send you a price offer.