Crossbow shooting
DURATION: 2 - 8 hours
ADDITIONAL INFO: We recommend to take this activity together with archery

Crossbow shooting is truly exceptional experience. Crossbow is light and is also suitable for women and older children. If you couldn’t stretch the chord the instructor will help you. This is a safe attraction as it is organized only in the presence and with the assistance of our experienced instructor.

You can choose one or more of these variants of crossbow:

  • Modern hunting crossbow – you can shoot up to a distance of 20 meters
  • Modern pulley crossbow – similar to hunting crossbow, it is very accurate and easy to learn
  • Traditional historical crossbow – a wooden replica of a medieval weapon, shooting at a straw target up to 10 meters with special traditional arrows with feathers. You can also shoot indoors using a special network.

Where can you shoot

We have outdoor certified bow and crossbow shooting range in Bernolákovo and indoor archery arena in Viničné. Also we will organize crossbow anywhere you like, both indoor and outdoor. Some places might need our inspection prior to event for safety issues.

How we do it

Instructor will explain basic technique of crossbow shooting to a group of participants and then assists individuals in shooting. After the set of arrows are shot, instructors moves to a target with a shooter to see and assess the results. Crossbow hits can be accurately assessed so eventually we can arrange an interesting shooting competition of individuals or teams.

Price depends on type and number of selected crossbows, number of instructors and time duration of the activity.