Survival course
NUMBER OF PERSONS: min. 10 / opt. 20 / max. 40
DURATION: 5 hours - 5 days
ADDITIONAL INFO: In all weather conditions

Your corporate teambuilding can have many exciting, educational or environmental objectives. This course is an adventure where you get a practical knowledge of various crisis situations that may occur in human life. We draw upon many years of valuable experience of our instructors who previously instructed specialized military and police forces.

Take courage and take a survival course to find the boundaries of your physical and mental strength. You can choose from many individual and team activities such as:

  • Navigation in terrain without having a map
  • Fire establishment without matches
  • Getting food from nature (plant collection, animal hunting – you can try hunting with a bow!)
  • Producing a variety of tools
  • Preparation of bed and surviving the night
  • Overcoming stress mentally
  • Roping
  • …many other activities

Survival course can last from several hours to several days. 90% of the course is focused on teaching practical skills in the field. We will prepare an offer according to your requirements.