Airsoft shooting range
NUMBER OF PERSONS: min. 10 / opt. 50 / max. 200
DURATION: 2 - 8 hours
ADDITIONAL INFO: No rain, may be windy

Fans of automatic modern weapons can shoot on our portable shooting range from real-looking airsoft machine guns and pistols at a distance of 20 meters. It is a static  firing range where you can shoot from one place at different targets:

  • Competitive air rifle target
  • Reduced targets of figures
  • Cans, plastic bottles
  • Fun targets (photography of politics, boss, etc.)

Airsoft guns are safe fun with our instructor. They do not cause more noise than the airguns and are powered by electric battery and shoot balls of plastic. There is no need for special permision to shoot airsoft guns. We have these airsoft replica guns for corporate events:

  • Two assault rifles – AK-47 Russian and American M4
  • Pisto SIG SAUER P226 – this one even simulates a real backlash as „real nine“

How we do it

You can try shooting from airsoft machine guns and other replica guns under the supervision of our instructor, stnding or lagering. The instructor does a service of weapons and targets. We can also organize a competition.

Price depends on the numbe of weapons and the amount of ammunition.